1. Kirk Ferentz - University of Iowa Head Football Coach

    “Tackling Football” is outstanding and was VERY well received in our home – my wife Mary loved it!

  2. This book is awesome and really a great idea. There are so many women that love the game and want to learn more about it. Coah Mike Hodgson has teamed up with Sandy Caron to take women closer to the game than ever before. Seems like a wonderful gift for the football-loving women in your life.

  3. Mary and Paul Schudel - former Head Football Coach - Ball State University

    A MUST HAVE! We’ve had the pleasure of living and coaching football at such universities as Miami University, Michigan, Ball State and Illinois just to name a few. This book, clearly and with incredible ease, outlines everything one needs to know to enjoy a college football game. The color and graphics are outstanding. If you need a quick and easy lesson on the “in’s and out’s” of college football… on the field and behind the scenes… THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

  4. Lou Tepper - former University of Illinois Head Football Coach

    What a tremendous introduction to the game of football for anyone not familiar with the basics of our sport. It is colorful, easily understood and puts the reader at ease in the football culture.

  5. RaeCapture Photography

    Awesome idea!!! This book captures just what I want and need to know about college football. I think every woman entering college as a first year student needs to read this guide to make their experience with college football more meaningful. It’s short and “to-the-point”… EXCELLENT and EFFECTIVE.

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